ANGELA & UMESH (Central Park New York City Engagement Photographers)

Allow me to start this post by saying how much I loved photographing Angela and Umesh.  For as much as they love one another, they were equally nervous to have their photos taken.  And I don’t mean a little nervous.  I mean, EXTREEEEEEMLY nervous.

We start off the session on the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park.  I had them sit on a step, away from the crowds that swarmed by every now and then.  Here they are, asking each other “what do we do?… we look at the camera?  do we kiss??”  I don’t expect much from the first few shots of a session.  I usually tell my couples that we need to get the “bad ones” out of the way….


I have to admit, I enjoyed seeing them struggle for a few seconds.  LOLOLOL

Having noticed the level of nervousness rising very quickly, I gave them a little direction….This is Angela giggling and Umesh asking “is this over yet?!”


Umesh calls over my “assistant” Tristan, asking for his bag of clothing he brought along …..


Surprise, Angela!  Instant relaxer of nerves, courtesy of Umesh!


Will it work?…..


Yes, yes it will……HAHAHAHA!


A change of scenery prompted more nerves, so I had to jump in….



We really had a fabulous time…..even Umesh relaxed a bit, making Angela laugh….




Ok, on to my favorite images from our session………

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My favorite:


Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers


Angela and Umesh: I love you both very much and I am honored that you chose me to shoot your wedding this November!   Tristan and I can’t wait!!!!







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