A GLANCE BACK AT 2012 (Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers)

Let me start by saying how WONDERFUL all of our couples were in 2012!  I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single minute I spent with them.  <3

Together, Tristan and I endured the freezing cold and the relentless heat (especially during July).  We worked so hard that when we woke up the next morning, we could barely walk because our legs hurt so bad (we call that a Wedding Hangover!)….and THAT’S how we know we did our job right.  🙂

Out of 36,391 photos that we snapped at our weddings in 2012, the ones you are about to view are the WORST.  Why put up the worst photos you’ve taken, you ask?  Well, because I like to publicly embarrass my husband!  HAHA!  No, that’s not it……..but I DO want you to see what we go through to get the shots that we capture……

Let’s start with Tristan….my handsome-schmandsome husband.

Here he is looking normal.

aaaaaand….NOT so normal:  HAHA!

I like to torture him by asking him to be a “live body” so I can test my lighting:

And while he sets up my lights, I like to try and blind him:

And I make him fix dresses so they look perfect…..

I also ask unsuspecting valets to “help” me when Tristan is shooting reception details.  This poor guy really thought I needed him to hold Jenn’s veil.  HAHAHA!

Once, we were leaving when the reception was winding down, and I found Tristan behind this tree.  Don’t ask me why!!!  He does really weird things sometimes.

He also does stuff like this….

And casually walks into my shots at times…..

Or he takes photos of me looking like this:

….or this……

or as I’m about to sneeze…..

or when I’m trying to relax…..

or when I’m trying to concentrate on work…..

or my most flattering angle…..

or when I’m trying to get out of the shot because I know he is shooting tight….

or when I’m petting the pretty sting ray…..

or showing a bride and groom a photo I had just captured of them…..

Despite all of the HORRIBLE photos, I still love him and appreciate everything he does for me 🙂

Here are just a few of the vendors we worked with last season….

Nathan Bellas, from St. Thomas More

Steve McGough, from St. Thomas More

The character artist from Maggie & Nick’s wedding …… (she’s holding the picture she drew of me and Tristan!)

Matt Ferrante from the band, Modern Times …..

DJ Mark Zini from Zini Productions …..

….and my very good friend, Katia Forero!

Katia needed some live bodies to test her lighting……

……and she managed to catch this photo of me looking totally awesome…..

And to end all of this torture, I will leave you with a photo of me, trying to make my dog say “CHEEEEESE!”

Looking forward to making many more memories in 2013!!!!








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