Heinz Memorial Chapel was the setting for the wedding ceremony of Lauren and PJ! They decided to do a first look outside of the Cathedral of Learning on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Because they did a first look, we had ample time for photos, so we went to Mellon Park and the columns at the Mellon Institute. After the ceremony, we headed over to the University Club for their wedding reception.

Here are some of my favorite photos from their day!

Wedding invitation for Heinz Chapel Wedding
Bridal Beginning wedding dress
Bride getting ready for her Heinz Memorial Chapel wedding
Spring wedding at Heinz Chapel
Bridesmaids in matching robes
Bride getting dressed for wedding
Mom helping bride put on wedding dress at Heinz Chapel
Intricate detail on wedding dress
Groom waiting for bride at first look in Pittsburgh
Seeing bride for first time on wedding day in Pittsburgh
Emotional groom on wedding day in Pittsburgh
Bridal portraits in Mellon Park
Mellon Park wedding party photos
Bridesmaids in black dresses pose for photo in Mellon Park Pittsburgh
Fun bridesmaid photos in Mellon Park
Creative Groomsmen photos in Pittsburgh park
Contemporary sleek groomsmen
Bride and Groom pose for photos in Mellon Park
Bridal portraits in flower garden in Pittsburgh park
Classic timeless wedding pictures in Mellon Park
Candid wedding photos at Mellon Institute
Bride and Groom wear Christian Loubitin shoes at PIttsburgh wedding
Class contemporary wedding photos at Mellon Institute
Mellon Institute candid wedding photos
Groom kisses bride
Heinz Chapel in the springtime
Musicians getting ready to play wedding ceremony at Heinz Chapel
Bride and father walking down aisle at Heinz Memorial Chapel
Groom emotional and crying when seeing bride walk down the aisle at Heinz Chapel wedding
Getting married at Heinz Chapel
Beautiful gothic architecture at Heinz Memorial Chapel
Bride and groom saying their vows at Heinz Chapel ceremony
Spring weddings at Heinz Chapel
Pitt alumni getting married in Heinz Chapel
Married in Heinz Chapel
Gorgeous bridal portraits inside Heinz Memorial Chapel
Bridal portrait at Heinz Chapel red doors
Wedding silhouette at Heinz Chapel red doors
Just married at Heinz Chapel
University Club wedding reception photos
Gold and black wedding details at University Club reception
Bride and Groom entering wedding reception at University Club
Groom and Bride cutting cake at University Club reception
First dance between bride and groom at Pitt wedding reception
Intimate first dance photos at University Club wedding
Toasting the bride and groom at Pittsburgh wedding reception
Groom and mom have first dance
Father and bride have dance at University Club
Guests dancing at University Club wedding reception
Fun dancing photos at wedding reception in Pittsburgh

Ceremony – http://pre.heinzchapel.pitt.edu/weddings

Reception – https://uc.pitt.edu/wedding-banquets-conferences/weddings/

Dress – Alessandra Rinaudo for Nicole Spose from https://www.bridalbeginning.com/

Bridesmaid dresses – Hayley Paige, https://www.bridalbeginning.com/

Shoes – http://us.christianlouboutin.com/us_en/

Videography – http://pictoryproductions.com/

Cake – https://bethelbakery.com/

Hair and Makeup – http://www.romasalonpa.com/

Ceremony music – https://www.threeriversstringquartet.com

Flowers – http://www.mygardenfloral.com/home

Wedding Photography – http://www.weddingsbyalisa.com/

Heinz Chapel Ceremony and Carnegie Museum Hall of Sculpture Wedding Reception

Christina and Chris were married on St. Patrick’s Day here in Pittsburgh!  And it SNOWED!!

Thank you to Christina and Chris for having me as your wedding photographer!!!

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What a year!!! As each year goes by I realize more and more how fortunate I am to have such a fantastic job.

Here is a teeny tiny glimpse into how much fun we have at work…

I love meeting the families of my clients and getting to know them!

I apparently never close my mouth…

Love looking for great spots for gorgeous portraits…

I’m sure Jason loves when I stand on stage with them and try to look as cool as they do.  You can see Gary giving me the “what the heck are you doing?!” eye…

Sometimes it’s fun to blend in…

….and in case you needed it for your collection, here is a photo of my uvula….

I LOVE Emily’s flowers!! Botanical Emporium is responsible for this masterpiece…

Running into future clients, past clients, random guests who request a photo, and old friends is the best….

Ya’ll remember Drea and her husband Kevin, right?

Emily and Chad’s doggy was their ring bearer!!! Look how cuuuuute!…

Since all of my grandparents have passed away, it’s always fun to talk to my couples’ grandmas and grandpas.  This is the greatest grandma ever (Dan’s grandma!)…

Being a wedding photographer isn’t as glamorous as you think it is.  I have to carry 65lbs of equipment every weekend (I weighed it at the Carnegie Science Center)…

….It’s also very important to help keep your couple on track with their timeline….

….or help put bouquets back together….

….or fix bridal hair….

A lot of my time is spent pretending to cut wedding cakes, or giving directions to my couples on how to do it themselves…

There are many times I’m asked to help my brides get dressed!!


I have no idea what I’m saying to Nathan at this point in time…

Chad stares in awe at my amazing ability to pack a trunk…HAHA….or maybe he’s just yawning?

“Hey Christina! Take a picture of me pretending to punch Frank!” HAHAHA There was a reason for this, I just can’t remember what it was now. HAHA

Staying HOT by the fire.  Get it?

Carly had no idea I was making a face at her.

Me, when I realized I forgot to put money in the meter.

As I was trying to relax with Rachel’s giant bear, Theo comes in and wants a kiss!!


In addition to disliking me, Gary is the drummer with the always awesome Jason Kendall Band!

I can ALWAYS count on my second shooters to capture beautiful photos of me…

….and in turn, I ALWAYS capture beautiful photos of them!!!….This is Pamela.  You all can call her Pammy.  She loves it when people call her Pammy.

….And this is Christina! We saw a lot of each other this year!…

…This is my buddy, Dennis.  He is an awesome photographer from Cleveland….

…and I worked a lot with Aaron.  He LOVES to have his photo taken, so I make sure to do it all the time.

And  here is the lady who loves my butt so much, she has to photograph it at least 20 times per wedding.  Susan!!!….

These are other wonderful people I’ve worked with as well last year….Michelle, Jessica, Ashley, Carolyn, Manny, Marnie, and Kristen!!

Eric, Jeremy, and my string quartet friends over at Chamber Light Players of Pittsburgh (the BEST!)!

I can’t forget one more flattering photo of me!!  Beautiful, no?

Thank you to all my WONDERFUL clients for such an amazing 2017!!!