Wedding photography has changed substantially in both medium and style over the past 10-15 years.   It has morphed into something more photojournalistic, rather than the traditional posed photos you may have seen in the past.

My style is more than photojournalistic; it’s fresh,  alive, and vibrant.  I enjoy creating crisp, dynamic images that capture the emotion and action that inevitably unfolds on a wedding day.

My style is unobtrusive.  I strive to be in on all the action, but looking back, you’d never remember that I was there.  Here is what I’m talking about…..

This is Angela.  Angela is used to being in front of people (she’s a professional musician in NYC), so having a camera around wasn’t such a big deal.  But having a camera around when you’re trying to get ready for the biggest day of your life is a different thing all together…..

In the photo below, she knew I was behind her, but I was careful not to intrude on the moment.

Same goes for the next photo:

I was in the corner of the room, opposite Angela, when I happen to glance in her direction.  She was sitting there very contemplatively, which made a beautiful moment:

Same goes for this one:

On your wedding day, I will give you *some* direction.  In the next photo, I asked Angela and her maid of honor to step a little closer to the window so I could take advantage of the awesome light streaming in:


When I crouched down to fix my shoe, I looked up to find this next shot:

And here is Angela’s portrait.  I asked Angela to sit in a chair…..I told her which way to turn her head and asked her to roll her shoulders back a bit.  I also helped position her flowers correctly:

While I was hanging out with Angela, Tristan was doing the same with Umesh.





Since Angela and Umesh had two different ceremonies on their wedding day, and beautiful photos were a priority for them,  they planned to have a “first look”.  Not many couples do this, so I was very excited that they chose to!  As their photographer, I found a place for them to meet for the first time.  My second shooter Tristan, made sure Umesh’s back was to Angela.

The “first look”:


I of course did NOT want to intrude on their moment, so I was shooting with a telephoto lens, so I could be far away from the “action”.  After a few minutes, I stepped in and asked them to pose for me:

As I was speaking to Angela, Tristan captured this next photo….. (which is why second shooters are a great resource to have!)


Not posed:

Second shooter’s vantage point:

My vantage point:


After photographing the couple, we shot all of the formal family portraits.  This is what you can expect – a nice posed photo your mom can frame for her mantle.

There are formal (and informal) bridal party shots in addition to everything else.  An example of an informal shot is below:

And a posed one:

As the primary photographer, I get to be with the bride the entire day.  Here, Angela is getting ready for the Indian ceremony:

Tristan was shooting the reception details while I was with Angela.

I love this private moment that Angela is sharing with AraBella and Alison:

Typical shot of bride walking down the aisle….This is Angela with her best friends:

And another great shot: Tristan was behind the girls at the entrance to the room, shooting them as they prepared to enter.

During the ceremony is when I like to be invisible.  I mostly shoot with a telephoto lens, as to not be up in the way of any guests.

And it’s always great to catch moments like these:

After the Indian ceremony, Angela changed into her wedding gown for the Western ceremony.  These next two shots are Tristan’s (he was at the bottom of the aisle):

Another advantage of having two shooters instead of one….I was able to capture the next photo as Tristan stood behind to get the wide angle shot (you can see him right below the light fixture!):

I stood upstairs for the whole ceremony…….

…..and Tristan stayed downstairs…..

I love this moment between Umesh’s sisters (the arm coming up from below is his mother’s, who was sitting right in front of her):

Tristan and I will be your shadows the entire day….onto the reception, where Angela and Umesh had their first dance (which was crazy awesome!):

I typically shoot wide for the first dance and I have Tristan shoot tight.  My photo is above ^^^ and his is this next black and white one:

My vantage point:

Tristan catching Umesh singing along to the music!…..

As a photojournalistic photographers, we like to be on the dance floor and in on the action…..

If I wasn’t on the dance floor, I would have never captured this next photo (which I LOVE):

Staying far from the action, but being right in the moment to photograph it:

One of the many special moments of the day: the Father-Daughter dance:

….and the Mother-Son dance……

…..which quickly went to sentimental to surprising in no time flat.  Thank goodness I was right there and caught this next photo:

This is Angela’s reaction to the singers on stage, who were singing her (ok, mine too) favorite Boyz II Men song!…..

……and here is one of the singers performing…..

It’s always nice to remember who got out onto the dance floor and celebrated your day with you!…..

….and the crazy things guests do!…..

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