Vendor Profile: Bling by Anita Kelly Manfred

I LOVE LOVE LOVE sparkly jewelry!  The more sparkle, the better!  Good luck to my future husband, Tristan because I am not a cheap date!  haha!

This year for my birthday, my cousin Kristen bought me these beautiful Swarovski crystal earrings, and I’ve been enamored with them ever since.  I HAD to meet the creator of such gorgeous jewelry!  Enter, my new friend Anita!  Here she is, looking all beautiful…..


Anita (and her sister, Edrie) makes the most beautiful jewelry.  Her company is called Bling, and while she doesn’t yet have a website, you can find her on Facebook.  Anita makes custom jewelry for any occasion: weddings (mothers, bridesmaids, flower girls), graduations, Mother’s Day,  you name it.  You can pick any colors and put them into any combinations you’d like.  I visited Anita at her home on a day she was having an open house.  She let me come over and photograph samples of the gorgeousness that she creates!  I had her make a necklace and matching earrings for my daughter as a gift for being the flower girl in my wedding to this amazing man.



I asked Anita to answer a few questions:

1 – How long have you been making jewelry?  When did you start your business?
I have been making my jewelry since October of 2011…so about 8 months….but it has taken off like crazy, in a very short period of time…very exciting!
2 – What do you love most about your business?
My favorite part is making the jewelry…putting Swarovski Crystal colors together….spreading them out in front of me and creating beautiful, sparkly jewelry!  I also enjoy meeting so many wonderful people…I treasure all the friendships I have made and the fun I have had!
3 – If someone wanted to order a piece of jewelry, how would they go about doing it?
Anyone interested can contact me via email at or my cell: 412-334-9860 or home: 412-221-8526.  I am in Pittsburgh, Pa (Mt. Lebanon), but I can ship it directly to you…via Priority Mail, for $5.35. I can ship anywhere and have customers in many states.



This is me modeling one of my favorite necklaces! heehee!




Here is my wrist, filled with gorgeousness….


Thank you Anita for allowing me to come over and photograph your creations!  You have an amazing talent!!!!


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