WEDDING RECEPTIONS – THE MANSION AT MAPLE HEIGHTS HAS A COOL SECRET!! (Mansion at Maple Heights Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh)

The Mansion at Maple Heights is an absolutely *lovely* location for your wedding or your wedding reception.  Upon my arrival the first time I was there,  I was in awe of the gorgeous craftsmanship of the wood (which is basically everywhere you look!).  The entryway is stunning with a staircase that wraps around up to the second floor.

Wedding Reception Location in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Wedding Reception PhotographerDetails inside the Mansion at Maple Heights in PittsburghStaircase where Bride and Groom make their entrance at the Mansion at Maple Heights

Each room within the mansion is used for different things.  In this case, they were used for a place where guests could congregate during cocktail hour:

Party at Mansion at Maple HeightsReception for a wedding in Pittsburgh

This next photo is of the library:

As I’m walking around, I hear Tristan in the library shouting for me to come and see something.  Now, I know what you’re thinking….Tristan….in a LIBRARY?!  Yes, I agree.  Totally crazy.  But there he was, telling me that I needed to see something in one of the cabinets…..

He opens the cabinet so I can get a closer look…..

This mansion was built in 1903.  It has numerous unique nooks and crannies.  It just so happened that Tristan found one.  This guy has a nose like a bloodhound when it comes to alcohol.  Turns out, during Prohibition, the owner of the house made little hiding spots for his alcohol, making it a speakeasy!  Cool!

This makes Tristan VERY happy.  HAHAHAHAHA!

I leave Tristan alone and come back to find him in a different room.  Look how suspicious he looks…..

He’s saying “What?!  I didn’t do anything!”  Turns out, he found another hiding spot!  HAHA!!!!!

He’s so proud of himself.  🙂

Wedding Reception Photographer at Mansion at Maple Heights

Check out the last wedding Tristan and I shot at the Mansion!

Looking for a place for your wedding or your wedding reception?  Check out my page of wedding ceremony and reception locations in Pittsburgh!

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    Tristan. Always looking for the booze.ReplyCancel

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      HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ain’t it the truth.ReplyCancel

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