Abby and Albert lucked out and had a gorgeous winter day for their wedding at Holy Family Church in Steubenville, Ohio.  I could feel the energy as I walked into Abby’s parents house, and I knew this day was going to be amazing.

Steubenville Wedding Photographers

Christmas weddings are awesome because of all the twinkly lights everywhere!

Diamond cut engagement ringFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-03Wheeling Wedding PhotographyFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-05Capturing moments on Wedding dayFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-07

Abby and Albert decided to do a first look.  It was a beautifully intimate moment….and I got to be there to witness it!

First look on wedding day in Pittsburgh

Emotional Wedding Photography in PittsburghFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-10Bride and groom portraits at Franciscan UniversityFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-12

The Grotto at Franciscan University is the perfect place to go for wedding photos.

Franciscan University Steubenville Wedding PhotographerWinter wedding at Franciscan University in Ohio

After their first look, we went to the church and prepared to walk down the aisle…this is my vantage point:


And this next shot was taken at the same moment as the one above….LOVE having a second shooter!!!

Holy Family Wedding in Steubenville photosFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-16

I have to admit….I cried after I captured this next photo!

Giving away daughter at Ohio weddingFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-18Holy Family Catholic Church Steubenville wedding photosWedding in Steubenville OhioFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-20Holy Family Catholic Church Steubenville wedding photosFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-022Winter Wedding in Ohio PhotosFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-23Fun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-24Fun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-25Christmas Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh


Fun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-27Cemetery Wedding PhotosFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-29Wedding Photos in CemeteryWedding portraits in cemetery in OhioFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-32Winter Wedding Portraits PittsburghBridal fur for winter wedding in PittsburghFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-35Purple and gray wedding colors

Albert was such a good sport during the creative portraiture part of the day.  At one point he said to me “hold on a sec”….and started to yawn.  LOVE YA, Albert!! HAHA!


OMG both of you guys are my FAVORITE.


The Serbian American Cultural Center in Steubenville, Ohio was the perfect venue for their wedding reception…

Serbian Center Steubenville Wedding Reception

I am so in love with the pine cone bride and groom on their cake.  I mean, come on…he has a top hat on!!

Winter wedding cake with pineconesFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-42Steubenville Wedding Reception PhotosBride and groom have first dance at receptionFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-45Toasting the bride and groom at wedding reception in SteubenvilleFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-47Fun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-048Pittsburgh Wedding PhotographersCandid Wedding Photos PittsburghPhotojournalistic Wedding Photography in PittsburghFather Daughter dance at Wheeling Wedding ReceptionFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-52Fun Wedding Reception PhotosFun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-54Fun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-55Candid, fun wedding reception photosFamily Wedding Photography Fun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-58Fun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-059

The little girl in the next photo was SO CUTE.  She was on the dance floor playing with this outlet, lifting the little doors covering the plugs and pretending it was a keyboard.  And then she’d close it….and then she’d open it again and start typing.  HAHAHA!

Fun-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-Pittsburgh-59Best Wedding Photographers in West VirginiaWest Virginia Wedding Photographers

I love you, Abby and Albert.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of one of the best days of your lives.

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